NOTE: This event is at 11am – 1pm (UK time), not our usual evening session

Rinck, Anabaptist pioneer in Hesse, was highly regarded by his contemporaries but has largely been neglected by historians. The lecture will investigate the reasons for this and consider Rinck’s legacy. The experience of Anabaptists in Hesse in the first half of the 16th century was unusual and resulted in a less heroic expression than in most other places. The lecture will consider the implications of this. And Rinck was perhaps the most trenchant critic of the practice of infant baptism among the early Anabaptists, opposing it for several reasons. What do we make of this in our more ecumenical environment?

This lecture will be delivered at Bristol Baptist College and livestreamed online. This Eventbrite is for you to sign up to receive a link to view the livestream. We regret that due to space constraints it is not possible for you to attend the lecture in person.

The lecture will also be recorded and available to view online after the event.